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Board-in connector system offers a cost-effective solution

lanka 2020-11-13 10:31:54

The Amphenol ICC FCI Basics' Minitek Board-In connector system, available now from TTI Europe, is a flexible solution developed for economic and permanent wire-to-board applications up to 3A. This system is a one-piece, direct solder-to-board solution that gives space and cost-savings compared to a two-piece connector system. It is currently provided in 2-16 positions under 2mm and 2.5mm pitch sizes covering vertical and horizontal configurations. 

This cost-effective solution accepts standard through-hole soldering methods and is a one-piece, direct solder-to-board assembly for space and cost savings. The solution is provided in two pitches and numerous circuit sizes for design flexibility. The system is suitable for vertical and horizontal configurations for applications with limited space. It offers terminal and housing locking features for a secure connection.

Typical application fields include consumer, datacom, industrial and instrumentation, and automotive solutions.